Attack plan 2014

After a year full of stimulating collaborations as the DVD 'Adoration Of Decline' (>HERE<) with RxAxPxE, the shooting session for the Atelier du bizzarre (>HERE<), the partecipation on 'La Loggia' (>HERE<) the short video still in progress realized with Omega Kunst (>HERE<) just to name a fews, and tons of video/pictures realized for my V.L.F.Laboratories, the 2014 starts with some excellent deals.
First of all it is on progress a videoclip for [Kaiser /Schmitt) Amboss/Laszlo] (>HERE<) for her song "the fifth season", then a mega work starts on these days with Agamotto, a complete video transposition of the new Cd of this italian project that will be released via Cosmic Swamp Rec (>HERE<) as combo cd/dvd. 
Farther are a lot of new stuffs are on planning; like a performance with Omega Kunst, a V.L.F. Fest with a live show, projections and photos exibitions, my parteciaption as actor on the new film of Armando Armand, director of 'La Loggia', new releases for V.L.F. Laboratories and so on...
So, stay tuned