31 october: that's the right mode!

When i have a 400 iso film, a Zenit E with a 50mm lens, a sunny october day and Rain D Annunzio on my garden this is the result!

the new project - some screenshots and first trailer

This is a 2 minutes trailer of a new project from Marco Malattia's Laboratories realized with the collaboration of the girl behind Omega Kunst Artworks.
This video is on embryonal phase at the moment.
Still no title.
The complete work will be released at the beginning of 2014.

Marco Malattia's new pig mask!

  Marco Malattia has a new hand made pig mask done by Omega Kunst Artwork [>HERE<]
Here he proudly show it next to a newcomers happy girl involved on the production of a new short movie.
Name and role of this girl, pictures, screenshots and video teaser will be revealed as soon as the post-production allows it.