'Adoration Of Decline' - trailer & preorder

And finally the pubblication of 'Adoration Of Decline' DVD through Cosmic Swamp Rec. is imminent!!!

from the Cosmic Swamp blog:

"Cosmic Swamp continues is journey to the center of the mind with a new killer and unusual release! 
What's "Adoration of Decline"? It's a black limbo where noise/power-electronic paranoias of sound explorer Rxaxpxe meet the iconoclastic, obsessive imaginary of video artist Marco Malattia for a modern sabbath of moral decadence and social denial. With the charming presence of Helga Retard, queen, nymph and witch in the same time...
The dvd will be released in a limited edition of 70 copies handnumbered worldwide, and will come out in september 2013. Preorders are open, so you can get your copy before it's too late!"

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