Marco Malattia's V.L.F. Laboratories related items on sale

 'LIBER CXI (ver 0.2) vel 5 years of psychotic(K) ejaculations'
 Finally available:
The V.L.F. Laboratories Proud.Actions anthology 2007-2011.
'LIBER CXI' is the definitive V.L.F's release.
This DVDr professionally duplicated contains ALL the video material realized by Marco Malattia beetween 2007 and 2011 and a totally renewed artwork; a new cover printed on

heavy recycled grey paper and insert + A4 poster on cardstock + 2 Pictures on agfa supreme paper.
Two hours of pure sick entertainment; it contains original versions, re.edit versions, web pubblications and some never-seen-before shots.

‘LIBER CXI’ is made of 13 video-chapters: 01) The chronicles of Helga Retard / 02) [M]Ass, Semen and the god’s words / 03) An Experiment in Shit (director’s cut) / 04) The night of the ghouls of lesbo/ 05) Noia - The chronicles of M’Oskatresc / 06) The Chronicles of Helga Retard (Ver 0.3) / 07) Worship the Pig / 08) Amy: The return / 09) DoZ (Reboot ver 0.3) / 10) Uscirai Per Il Camino (Reboot ver 0.3) / 11) Xex.o Plastiquo (Reboot ver 0.3) / 12) Helga’s First Time / 13) Testing Zaira


GovNoed Revue N°5-Vol#1
Again V.L.F. Laboratories combine together old school mail art and experimental pornography.
 Out NOW GovNoed Revue N°5 - Vol#1
> 350 gr. magazine with unusual layout as ever
> Limited edition of 49 numbered copies
> Structure totally handmade plus 10 pictures professionally printed on Agfa supreme paper

>  Models involved: Ramona Moore (celebrating the year of blood) and Lexa Zerdov (the nun)
> on sale NOW!!!

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Inoltre GovNoed Revue N°5-Vol#1 è  in vendita c/o Fumetteria Cosmic Comics ( Ergo, se siete in zona Como-Brianza recatevi in loco [Via Toti 46, Carugo (Co)] e investite un pò di soldi in qualcosa di valido.