Marco malattia performs @ 'La Loggia'

Marco Malattia & a nameless girl on the set of 'La Loggia'

the 2013 is for Marco Malattia and his Laboratories the year of blood. All is staerted when in january Marco Malattia was involved on a surrealistic/horror/erotic/experimental and non-linear serial movie  from an indipendent filmakers group based in Turin.
The project, named 'La Loggia' is structured in 22 episodes, 14 of which were complete at the time.
Marco Malattia appear in 2 of them, 'La Loggia' and 'VHS'.
This project haven't a website right now, but you can see/read more about >Here<

frames from the 'VHS' episode / © La Loggia 2013