Marco Malattia's V.L.F. Laboratories related items on sale

 'LIBER CXI (ver 0.2) vel 5 years of psychotic(K) ejaculations'
 Finally available:
The V.L.F. Laboratories Proud.Actions anthology 2007-2011.
'LIBER CXI' is the definitive V.L.F's release.
This DVDr professionally duplicated contains ALL the video material realized by Marco Malattia beetween 2007 and 2011 and a totally renewed artwork; a new cover printed on

heavy recycled grey paper and insert + A4 poster on cardstock + 2 Pictures on agfa supreme paper.
Two hours of pure sick entertainment; it contains original versions, re.edit versions, web pubblications and some never-seen-before shots.

‘LIBER CXI’ is made of 13 video-chapters: 01) The chronicles of Helga Retard / 02) [M]Ass, Semen and the god’s words / 03) An Experiment in Shit (director’s cut) / 04) The night of the ghouls of lesbo/ 05) Noia - The chronicles of M’Oskatresc / 06) The Chronicles of Helga Retard (Ver 0.3) / 07) Worship the Pig / 08) Amy: The return / 09) DoZ (Reboot ver 0.3) / 10) Uscirai Per Il Camino (Reboot ver 0.3) / 11) Xex.o Plastiquo (Reboot ver 0.3) / 12) Helga’s First Time / 13) Testing Zaira


GovNoed Revue N°5-Vol#1
Again V.L.F. Laboratories combine together old school mail art and experimental pornography.
 Out NOW GovNoed Revue N°5 - Vol#1
> 350 gr. magazine with unusual layout as ever
> Limited edition of 49 numbered copies
> Structure totally handmade plus 10 pictures professionally printed on Agfa supreme paper

>  Models involved: Ramona Moore (celebrating the year of blood) and Lexa Zerdov (the nun)
> on sale NOW!!!

BUY these items here: V.L.F. Laboratories

Inoltre GovNoed Revue N°5-Vol#1 è  in vendita c/o Fumetteria Cosmic Comics ( Ergo, se siete in zona Como-Brianza recatevi in loco [Via Toti 46, Carugo (Co)] e investite un pò di soldi in qualcosa di valido.

Marco Malattia & RxAxPxE : 'Adoration Of Decline'

Finally the visual/audio collaboration with RxAxPxE [] is close to the end. I've finished the shot sessions with Helga Retard and now is on process the final edit.
This 25 minutes short movie clip will be available enter some days.

Marco Malattia's photos on sale

Just published  the first selection of pictures on sale.
printed on Fujifilm professional paper 30x40 cm or 30x45cm.
Each picture comes handnumbered and signed
Each is available for 30€.
Info at:

for the list of photos on sale: HERE
for a complete portfolio: HERE

Marco malattia performs @ 'La Loggia'

Marco Malattia & a nameless girl on the set of 'La Loggia'

the 2013 is for Marco Malattia and his Laboratories the year of blood. All is staerted when in january Marco Malattia was involved on a surrealistic/horror/erotic/experimental and non-linear serial movie  from an indipendent filmakers group based in Turin.
The project, named 'La Loggia' is structured in 22 episodes, 14 of which were complete at the time.
Marco Malattia appear in 2 of them, 'La Loggia' and 'VHS'.
This project haven't a website right now, but you can see/read more about >Here<

frames from the 'VHS' episode / © La Loggia 2013

the new personal blog

Today 3 April 2013 born this personal blog about Marco Malattia.
here's will be listed the custom collaboration with other artists worldwide which are outside the universe of the main manifestations of my laboratories; V.L.F. Videomalattie and Bolesnie Photomancy.
Some projects concerning my dimensions of videomaker and editor are on work so very soon i'll post the firsts result of my work.
What to say more? 
 enjoy and go fuck yourself!